Balang-araw matutunton mo ang sityong ito. At pagdating ng panahong 'yon masaya na'ko.

New Cover =)

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Medyo malabo yata ang mundo. Binabasura ng iba ang siyang pinapangarap ko.

I badly wanted to talk to you but I don’t have enough courage. Maybe reading your blogs will do. Maybe i’ll know you more than you would let me. Maybe i can read them forever.








look what we have here

i have legitimately never laughed harder and for as long in my entire life

I sat here until my eyes glazed over and then was thinking ‘this is so dumb its just three wells’ and then

When you’re too in love to let it go..

I know i dont have to see this as a big issue but. Gahd. Siya yung humawak sakin nung nalulunod ako sa gitna ng pool. Gone are the feelings of course, i was just feeling nostalgic maybe. It was the longest time we’ve been together since high school. Ugh reunions. 

There was never an us? Sayo pa talaga nanggaling yan ah.

Yung imbes na “bayad po”, “Paload po!” yung nasabi ko sa jeep. Hay.


I had a whole tiring afte’noon to night time with my mom, sister, aunt and her foreigner man. Going to the mall, Aunt insisted on riding the jeepney for ‘Kano to experience riding. ‘Kano never wanted it and he’s very vocal about it. I got so irritated when Aunt pointed to the jeepney coming and went inside it while saying “There’s no harm trying.” Okay. She has a point there. But I am a woman who’s against making people do what they do not want to.

So there. At the jeepney, ‘Kano was having a hard time straightening himself since Pinoy jeepneys are, of course, built for Pinoys alone. So he kept on bumping his head. And I got more irritated with my Aunt making fun of him. That’s not very pinoy.

Not so far ‘til we ride off, another two foreigners went inside. They seem Pakistanis. One was wrapped with long sleeves and shades. While the other’s very confident with polo shirt, without anything more in his face. And he looked very nice.

As they went in, the driver spoke barok english. And then Pakistani number two, the confident one, paid, “Bayad po.” And jeepney pinoy people laughed.”Marunong ka naman pala magtagalog.” Driver said. “Konti lang.” He replied. 

Driver asked further, “Bisaya marunong ka?!” And he replied. Yes, he replied to tthat tease. “Dili man ako bisaya, dong.” Laughter again.

Driver: Siguro marami kang asawang pinay no?

Pakistani: Di. Konti lang. Sikwenta lang.

Laughter again.

D: Pero, mababait naman mga Pinay. Diba?

P: Oo, oo naman. Pero..

Everybody looked more intent, like saying, pero ano?

P: Pero. Selosa. 

I smiled, literally.

P: Pag nagseselo-sa. Bu-ang. Parang.. sirah-ulo.

Everybody was laughing. And then we had to get off.

I had a really better mood then. Thanks to that Foreignoy. :)

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Ganyan talaga. Mahirap magmahal ng syota ng iba.